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Thank you for supporting your local show photographer! In each gallery you will find proof images sorted by day and ring. Please know that taking screenshots, or obtaining images by any means other than purchasing is considered theft. You may purchase digital images or prints by favoriting your best images and clicking the shopping cart option. All purchases will be further edited and processed. If you have any problems with your order or would like to custom-order photo books or special print products, please contact

Please note that my time to capture these images is entirely uncompensated. Saving screenshots, removing watermarks, or posting unpurchased images acquired through any means other than purchasing through me is considered theft and violators will be sent an invoice for $250 per image. Thank you for supporting this small business and allowing me to continue offering these services!

Discount codes:

SPEND250 - get 20% off all orders over $250

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You: "I'd order this pic if only there weren't a manure pile in it!"

Me: "The images inside these galleries are "Proof" images which means that the final image you receive will be edited further including: the appropriate and closer crop for your aspect ratio, color and light balanced, and things like manure, poles, and other small distractions removed. Don't let this deter you! Have a question about if a certain edit is possible? Please reach out!"